February 2017
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Introduction to this blog : How to use your cellphone, iPad or other tablet in Japan.

This blog will focus on the subject of how to use your cellphone, iPad or other tablet, pocket WiFi (mobile WiFi router) in Japan; and how to find the WiFi hotspots in Japan; along with other useful information for foreign travelers to Japan, such as using credit cards and ATM there, purchasing tickets for trains, and any other information that may enrich your experiences of traveling to Japan fun and enjoyable.

I have been writing almost 1300 articles, 30-50 articles a month, on my Japanese-language blog for about 3 and half years now to help Japanese travelers to USA to understand the US cellphone situation so that they can use their phones with local SIMs and phone services to enjoy their stay here.

I have also wrote some articles about how to get the cellphone and data services in Japan for expatriates who live outside Japan, for their short stays there.

You can find my Japanese-language-only blog site here アメリカより(A Blog From America):携帯・モバイル・流通業ITブログ By A Yoshida You may want to use Google translate or Bing translate to read my Japanese-language-only blog translated to English or any other language, though the machine-translation will be terrible.

I am now starting the

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